Oil and Gas Women Summit at ULP

  1. NAEWASA signed MoU with EWSETA on identified Projects of collaboration.
  2. NAEWASA formed a strategic relationship with Wits Business School (WBS) Energy Leadership Centre.
  3. NAEWASA meets Sasol and also receives support.
  4. NAEWASA receives support from NYDA.
  5. NAEWASA Holistic Transformation Seminar at Wits Business School.
  6. NAEWASA pursues follow up Stakeholder Engagements sessions with Department of Energy and recommends for the setting up of Transformation Fund to assist New Entrants in the Oil and Gas Energy Sector.
  7. NAEWASA meets the Department of Economic Development.
  8. NAEWASA meets the Department of Small Business Development.
  9. NAEWASA attends the 25th 2018 Africa Oil Week in Cape Town and forms part of the Africa Oil Women Launch.
  10. NAEWASA meets Astron Energy CEO.

Full details and proceedings of the AGM duly recorded in Minutes.

NAEWASA is a young, dynamic, resolute and progressive Industry Association representing New Entrants in the Energy Sector and advances the course for economic empowerment of our people by lobbying relevant Stakeholders and Partners committed to the holistic transformation of the South African economy in line with our National Development Plan (NDP).

Prosperity for ALL is inevitable!
Issued by NAEWASA Secretary General

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