Benefits of Being a Member

1. Exclusive access to Product at a fair price.
2. Preferential or exclusive access to industry networking events including breakfasts, company visits, briefings and industry forums.
3. Subsidized access to NAEWASA training programmes and courses.
4. Participation in and assistance with supplier capability development.
5. Opportunities to partner with NAEWASA on company Incubation initiatives.
6. Opportunities to work with NAEWASA to initiate industry forums and initiatives.
7. Opportunities to promote company within the local industry through “featured company” events and exposure on our website.
8. Preferential participation in NAEWASA-organised trade missions and industry exhibitions and trade shows

9. Access to funding for trade missions and exhibitions.
10. Access to NAEWASA resources for assistance in accessing government and public funding
11. Involvement in defining industry priorities and accessing government supplier development

How to be a member

Step 1: Download our Application Form here
Step 2: Complete the Application Form
Step 3: Email the Application for us to process to